Rift Guardian Guide

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Very Low Difficulty


Upgraded Act two burrowing rock golem

  • Rock golem brawler, very slow movement speed.
  • Can create duplicates when enraged, but their casting time is very slow (bugged?)

The Binder

Upgraded Cydaea. (Act Three spider queen act boss.)

Projectile poison attacks, web ground coverage is slowing.




Low Difficulty

Bone Warlock

Upgraded Skeleton Summoner.

  • Summons skeletons and fires Arcane projectiles.

Crusader King

Upgraded Skeleton King. Leoric (Act One quest boss.)

  • Same abilities as Leoric, with smite swinging, minion summoning, and teleport hitting.



Upgraded Terror Demon. (Act 4 Diablo-looking invisible slashers.)

  • Melee slashing attack. Vanishes periodically during fight.
  • Does not summon minions as his type can normally.


Upgraded Rakanoth. (Act Four quest boss.)

  • Charging slashing attack is dangerous. Ranged projectiles.
  • Does not summon pets as normal Rakanoth does.

Sand Shaper

Upgraded Zoltan Kulle. (Act 2 quest boss.)

  • Tornado attacks, slow time bubbles, shoots projectiles.
  • No golem guardians as has normal Zoltan Kulle.

The Choker

Upgraded Barbed Lurker. (Tentacled levitating Act Five caster.)

  • Poison missile attacks. Retreating movement can be annoying to melee fighters.


Upgraded Ghom. (Act Three quest boss.)

  • Huge and slow, but damaging poison clouds fill the screen and persist after his death.
  • Can be dangerous in close quarters.
    • Low difficulty, though melee characters without high poison resistance will find him dangerous.




Moderate difficulty


Upgraded Demonic Hellflyer. (Winged demons of Act three.)

  • Fire-themed, can launch fireballs and create Desecrator pools.

Cold Snap

Upgraded Izual. (Act Four quest boss.)

  • Cold-themed. Can cast Frozen and casts an Ice Nova that freezes everything on the screen.(Very very easy for characters with freezing immunity.)


Upgraded Morlu Caster. (Act 4 meteor dropping mages.)

  • Fire themed, drops meteors, shoots fireballs, and can teleport.


Upgraded Corrupted Angel. (Act Four winged dashing strikes.)

Man Carver

Upgraded The Butcher. (Act One Act Boss.)

  • Charging attack, Waller, can hook and pull targets in.


Upgraded Deceiver. (Act 2 Serpent Mage.)

  • Caster style combat, including tornadoes.
  • Regularly spawns large crowds of very weak trash mob minions.




High difficulty


Upgraded Herald of Pestilence. (Ground tickler finger attack. Act Three.)

  • Poison-themed. Casts poison novas, 
  • Plagued style ground effects can cover almost the entire screen.


Upgraded Corpse Raiser. (Act Five angel summoners. Turn to bats when they die.)


Upgraded Mallet Lord. (Act Four, four-legged melee bashers.)

  • Slow moving but huge damage potential. 
  • Teleport and Vortex can make avoiding his huge smash attack tricky.


Upgraded Exarch. (Act Five angel mages.)

  • Lightning-themed. Casts overhead lightning orbs that can deal huge damage.


Upgraded Xah’Rith the Keywarden (Act 3).

  • Cold-themed, icy meteor-type attacks do major DoT stacking, teleporter.


Upgraded Succubus.

  • Flys around quickly, fires fast moving projectiles.
  • Dangerous special attack where she creates missiles at a distance, then pulls them in with homing potential. Also ground DoT circles.

Lord of Bells

Upgraded Infernal Bovine.




Very High difficulty

Infernal Maiden

Upgraded Fire Maiden. (Act Five huge scythe angels.)

  • Fire-themed, but also deals high physical damage. Flame attacks, whirling melee strikes.


Upgraded Executioner. (Massive Act Five melee brawler.)

  • Physical attacks with massive sword arms.
  • Can stun. Very dangerous enraged mode with repeated leaping strikes.


Källa: http://www.diablowiki.net/Rift_Guardian

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