Patch 2.2 Item Changes Guide

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We have put together a comprehensive list to all the item changes coming in Patch 2.2, with items organized by major categories. Use the table of contents to quickly navigate to each section. Check it out below!


Table of Contents

  1. New Class Sets
  2. Old Sets Changes
  3. Existing Legendaries with New Affixes
  4. New Legendary Items
  5. Existing Legendaries Reworks and Buffs
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Patch 2.2 Key Features

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Below you can check a summary of the key features coming in Patch 2.2. You can also click the banner to see the preliminary Patch Notes.

  • Three new Class Sets: Wrath of the Wastes, Unhallowed Essence and Delsere’s Magnum Opus.
  • Redesigned previously existing Sets.
  • Completely new Legendary Items.
  • New Legendary affixes for old Legendaries.
  • Revamped percentages and reworks for old Legendaries ...
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Me and Cavin have tried some PTR

Posted by Pukeface, 1st April 2015 P.T.R  No comments

So we tried some PTR and are really excited about season 3 starting soon.

The sad thing is that the legendary drop rate wasn’t active still :/

We got on to the 2 player Greater Rift leaderboard, not that it was very hard.


I even got in to the Demon Hunter leaderboard in 902nd place.



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Season 3 info!

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April fools

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Diablo’s April fools joke 2015

Only in PTR

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Possible new sets

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Zero(pS) - (source)

A few days ago Monstrous tweeted a screenshot montage with the possible new class sets coming in the future. He recently updated the screenshot and you can see it below – click it for a bigger version. Also bear in mind this is pure speculation based on images that were datamined and have not been used. Do you think those could be the new sets?

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Greater Rift Screen

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XP Calculation

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Davlok - (source)

So yesterday I read a reddit post proclaiming XP bonuses were reduced in 2.2 and decided to test it out to see if the Rubies, Leorics, and Gem of Ease were actually worth using when I run T6 or speed GRs. I went on PTR tonight to test. This isn’t any new news or any recent changes, just wanted to test to see if Gem of Ease was worth using. Here are the results:

Greater Rifts:

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Gem Calculator

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What are the new legendary items for next season?

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Tyvalir - (source)

I’ve seen this question popping up a lot more often lately. As it happens, Nevalistis previously shared a list of the items which will be exclusive to Season 3 until it ends. I’ve listed these below with their new (or in some cases revamped) Legendary affixes.

Dead Man’s Legacy

  • Multishot hits enemies who are below 50-60% health twice.

Dread Iron

  • Ground Stomp causes an Av...
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