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Possible new sets

Posted by Pukeface, 30th March 2015 GearNewsSeason  No comments

Zero(pS) - (source)

A few days ago Monstrous tweeted a screenshot montage with the possible new class sets coming in the future. He recently updated the screenshot and you can see it below – click it for a bigger version. Also bear in mind this is pure speculation based on images that were datamined and have not been used. Do you think those could be the new sets?

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Vad man ska re-rolla på sitt vapen

Posted by Pukeface, 25th March 2015 GearVideo  No comments

Spreadsheet to calculate what to re-roll on your weapon for maximum weapon damage.

Click on File and copy it to your own Google Drive to be able to edit it.

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Bounty Cache Legendary Gear

Posted by Pukeface, 25th March 2015 Gear  No comments

List about all the gear you can get from a bounty cache and in what act.

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