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Legendary Drop Rates & BloodShard Prices 2.6.1

Posted by Pukeface, 23rd January 2016 Bloodshards  No comments

Updated to 2.6.1

Spreadsheet on differences between different classes and gear.

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Bloodshard Exploit/Glitch Hotfix

Posted by Cavin, 16th April 2015 Bloodshards  No comments

Lylirra - (source)

 Hey everyone,

We’re currently working on a hotfix to address an exploit that allows players to gain a significantly larger number of Blood Shards from Blood Thief goblins than intended...

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Bloodshard Exploit/Glitch

Posted by Pukeface, 16th April 2015 Bloodshards  No comments

Mixilplik - (source)

So every season there are exploits that all the top players keep amongst themselves and abuse over and over. Season 1 had too many to list, Season 2 had sever (disputed as to exploit or clever use of game mechanics.)

Well this season has its exploit/clever use dilemma now...

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