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Keywarden overview

Posted by Pukeface, 13th February 2016 Keywarden  No comments


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Legendary Drop Rates & BloodShard Prices 2.6.1

Posted by Pukeface, 23rd January 2016 Bloodshards  No comments

Updated to 2.6.1

Spreadsheet on differences between different classes and gear.

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Patch 2.3.0 PTR Preview

Posted by Cavin, 24th June 2015 P.T.R  No comments

Patch 2.3.0 PTR Preview

Patch 2.3.0 PTR Preview

The Public Test Realm for Patch 2.3.0 is right around the corner!

Are you ready to feast your eyes on all the new goodies that await you in the world of Sanctuary?

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Table of Contents

New Zone: Ruins of Sescheron

 New Artifact: Kanai’s Cube
 Crafting System Updates
 Adventure Mode Updates
 New Feature: Season Journe...
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Tried some PTR 2.2.1

Posted by Cavin, 11th May 2015 P.T.R  No comments

PTR Grift 46 Rank 48

It’s pretty easy to get high ranks i Grifts on the PTR.

Legdrop 38 Buff

With 2000% legendary drop buff, it rains legendaries all the time. I got 38 of them at the most in one rift and the was just up until the rift guardian.

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I’ve met Josh

Posted by Cavin, 11th May 2015 Nephalem Rift  No comments

Josh Mosqueira

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Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound | ThinkGeek

Posted by Pukeface, 21st April 2015 FunStuff  No comments

Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound Additional Image

Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound | ThinkGeek.

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Bloodshard Exploit/Glitch Hotfix

Posted by Cavin, 16th April 2015 Bloodshards  No comments

Lylirra - (source)

 Hey everyone,

We’re currently working on a hotfix to address an exploit that allows players to gain a significantly larger number of Blood Shards from Blood Thief goblins than intended...

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Bloodshard Exploit/Glitch

Posted by Pukeface, 16th April 2015 Bloodshards  No comments

Mixilplik - (source)

So every season there are exploits that all the top players keep amongst themselves and abuse over and over. Season 1 had too many to list, Season 2 had sever (disputed as to exploit or clever use of game mechanics.)

Well this season has its exploit/clever use dilemma now...

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Patch 2.2 Item Changes Guide

Posted by Cavin, 7th April 2015 News  No comments

We have put together a comprehensive list to all the item changes coming in Patch 2.2, with items organized by major categories. Use the table of contents to quickly navigate to each section. Check it out below!


Table of Contents

  1. New Class Sets
  2. Old Sets Changes
  3. Existing Legendaries with New Affixes
  4. New Legendary Items
  5. Existing Legendaries Reworks and Buffs
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Patch 2.2 Key Features

Posted by Cavin, 7th April 2015 News  No comments

Below you can check a summary of the key features coming in Patch 2.2. You can also click the banner to see the preliminary Patch Notes.

  • Three new Class Sets: Wrath of the Wastes, Unhallowed Essence and Delsere’s Magnum Opus.
  • Redesigned previously existing Sets.
  • Completely new Legendary Items.
  • New Legendary affixes for old Legendaries.
  • Revamped percentages and reworks for old Legendaries ...
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