Patch 2.2 Key Features

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Below you can check a summary of the key features coming in Patch 2.2. You can also click the banner to see the preliminary Patch Notes.


  • Three new Class Sets: Wrath of the Wastes, Unhallowed Essence and Delsere’s Magnum Opus.
  • Redesigned previously existing Sets.
  • Completely new Legendary Items.
  • New Legendary affixes for old Legendaries.
  • Revamped percentages and reworks for old Legendaries – e.g. Schaeffer’s Hammer, Death Watch Mantle, etc.
  • New Achievements, Conquests and new types of Cosmetic rewards (a Pennant).
  • Wardrobe and new Cosmetic Window – Wings are stored here now.
  • Three new Goblins: Insufferable Miscreant, the Gelatinous Sire, and the Gilded Baron. Only found in Adventure mode.
  • Regular Health Potions are unlimited now and work similar to Legendary potions.
  • Queued up Gems and Items are crafted all at once. Only need to wait for a single progress bar to complete.
  • Looting Crafting Materials and Gems of the same type picks all similar items at once in a 20 yard radius.


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