Bloodshard Exploit/Glitch

Posted by Pukeface, 16th April 2015 Bloodshards  No comments

Mixilplik - (source)

So every season there are exploits that all the top players keep amongst themselves and abuse over and over. Season 1 had too many to list, Season 2 had sever (disputed as to exploit or clever use of game mechanics.)

Well this season has its exploit/clever use dilemma now. Apparently there is a way to make the blood shard goblin drop tons more blood shards than what it would normally for the torment level you are on.

Simply open a high level greater rift, say 45+, port out of it. Then go farm goblins. Seems while everyone hates the Caverns of Araneae Bounty it seems to be an awesome place to farm goblins. The cocoons seem to have a high chance to have a goblin in them. If and when you get a blood shard goblin it will drop blood shards as if it was of the level of the greater rift and not say T6. Look around the leader boards and see the insane amounts of blood shards people have spent. While farming higher greater rifts does give more the blood shard goblin is dropping an insane amount.

Exploit? Clever use of game mechanics? I will leave it up to blizzard to decide. But getting the information out to everyone instead just a select few “top” players is kind of important I think.

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